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These are the episodes airdates, their hosts, and what happened in the Ladies Man sketch in it.

Season 26

October 7, 2000 - Rob Lowe
Tim made a guest appearance on "Weekend Update" as Leon to promote sex in movies, his sexy movie: Ladies Man, and the Michael Richards Show.

Season 25

May 20, 2000 - Jackie Chan
Leon with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gina Gershon, and Florence Henderson playing skanks in a rowdy game of "Who Wants to be My Skank?"

March 18, 2000 - The Rock
The Rock plays an undercover cop dressed as a woman who Leon hits on.

December 11, 1999 - Danny DeVito
A Ladies Man Christmas greeting complete with Leon singing.

October 16, 1999 - Heather Grahm
Leon chats about '70's porno films with Rollergirl.

Season 24

May 8, 1999 - Cuba Gooding Jr.
The actual Monica Lewinsky and John Goodman as Linda Tripp talk about phone sex.

February 20, 1999 - Bill Murray
How Leon Phelps goes on dates. "Leon, how about I introduce you to my parents." "I have a better idea, how about you pay the check and I climb out the bathroom window."

November 12, 1998 - Jennifer Love Hewitt
The Ladies Man Skanksgiving Special.

September 26, 1998 - Cameron Diaz
The Ladies Man Presents: Leon and skank re-enact the "Oral Office" and give some advice to the prez.

Season 23

May 2, 1998 - Mathew Broderick
The Ladies Man talks Viagra and "the fine Ms. Delta Burke."

March 14, 1998 - Julianne Moore
Leon has a guest skank (Julianne Moore) on the show. She's the skank that says that line from the commercials: "Come on down and I'll show you the finest rugs in town."

February 14, 1998 - Roma Downey
A Valentines edition of the Ladies Man.

December 13, 1997 - Helen Hunt
With help from Helen, Leon assures people like "Dinky Wang Man" that he will "never be able to pleasure a woman."

November 8, 1997 - Jon Lovitz
Leon and Tracy answer calls from old people and mention Delta Burke.

October 4, 1997 - Matthew Perry
The Ladies Man answers all your sexual and romantic queries.


4/19/00: WOW! I can't believe I haven't updated for this long. Accept my apologies! A lot of things have happened since the last update, such as the Michael Richards Show being terribly reviewed and getting canceled, and the Ladies Man's DVD (which must be bought by all!) has been released. For those without DVD players: you can rent it, but can't buy it on video quite yet!

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